A day to remember as all sections of the club came together to take on the Everest Challenge – travel 9,000 metres in one way or another – and their was plenty of variety as Minis, Midis, senior players, coaches, physios, committee and supporters all did their bit to support the #DoddieGump to raise funds for DoddieAid as part of Team Glasgow.

Some photos below with a fuller selection of slightly blurry images in our Gallery here: https://ghkrfc.com/gallery/

Some of the kilometres clocked up by GHK ‘gumpers’ on Sunday.
Kayaks, families and cycling
They ran by day, they ran by night…
Taking in the sights, one of the club’s closest bromances
Anyone seen a river?
Reaching the heights
Another night shift or was it an early morning start down on the farm?

Part One the run; part two the garage tidy
Man’s best friend providing some company
Are we nearly there yet?
The President and Bar Convenor setting out from OA after admiring the new signage.
Gordi must be one of the fittest refs around after all the miles he’s been clocking up.
Picturesque, but hope that spire can be removed painlessly!
Mission accomplished
Tour de Milngavie completed.
Take care on the way down!
All the right gear and many miles covered.
Apparently they were allowed on the course dressed like this.
Rules officials apparently still studying evidence of ’embedded ball’ claims by Fergus and Peter after they sneak a narrow victory over Jim!

Anyone wishing to donate can still do so at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/DoddieAIDGlasgow